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Virtual Laboratory Tour

Let us take you on a virtual tour of how a pair of eyeglasses are processed
from data entry to final inspection.  You'll see the many steps throughout our laboratory including tracing the frame, generating the power of the lenses,
fining and polishing, edging the lenses to the frame shape, mounting lenses
into the frames (including three-piece rimless), tinting and final inspection. 
We have also included the Anti-Reflective (AR) process which is done in our laboratory.
We hope you enjoy your tour.

Data Entry/Optical Processing

Surface Department

Finishing Department

Final Inspection

AR Processing

Each slideshow advances automatically or use the arrows in the lower
right corner to advance or go back within each slideshow.
You can also move within the slideshow by selecting the four small
blocks next to the double arrows or by hovering the cursor
over the slide bar along the bottom and selecting that slide.

Other Features

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